📰❤️ Required Reading: It’s Probably About Ethics In Publishing.

Jeremy Duns, writing about the Cyber-stalking & bullying behaviour of author Stephen Leather:

In 2012, I helped bring wider attention to Leather’s sockpuppeting and cyber-bullying.Four years later, Stephen Leather is attacking me and a writer he even shares a publisher with… by sockpuppeting and cyber-bullying. I think his behaviour is not just grossly unprofessional but pathetic and really pretty despicable. I can only hope that either his publisher or someone else intervenes to try to persuade him to stop it.

The internet brings out the worst in people. The bullying and stalking tactics that Leather seems to have been using are exactly the same as those favoured by Gamer Gaters. It’s distressing, but not surprising to see them in literature.

C’mon people. Repeat after me. Don’t Be A Dick On-line.

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