Don’t Sit On The Fence. Take A Position And Be Loud As Hell.

Daily Blog #131

Photo by Greg Weaver on Unsplash

There is a time and place for subtlety.

That time and place is not the internet in 2018.

I’ve been making content online for around 20 years now, give or take. I started before I was 10. In that time, I’ve seen the streams and channels and audiences grow to an insane number of people, online and searching for content at every second of every day. It’s gone from a few black and white channels to full colour HD so fast it can make your head spin.

We are living in a time of noise, of colour, of violent, fit-inducing stimulation, where the extreme of any opinion, any position, any vertical, and any content format is just a wink away.

That means that the painfully subtle is not going to stand out. The painfully subtle, intricate in its approach to avoiding spotlights, controversy and obviousness, is going to be completely lost and abandoned.

I’m speaking here about standing out. If you’re creating content right now, your goal is not to be neutral, and it’s not too be so high-fucking-minded that nobody reads, watches or listens, and it’s not to weave webs of complexity around your words that are intended to drive away the huddled masses — your goal is to find a way to cut through the noise and be the clearest, loudest, most recognisable voice in your world.

It’s just that simple.

When you look at that way, it becomes obvious. You need to shift your focus to creating content that chooses a side, picks a position, and kicks up a fuss.

Content that doesn’t do this is content that is destined and doomed to fail. Content that doesn’t do this will not elicit enough of an emotional response from your audience to shake them from their apathy and make them want to engage, share, respond, tweet, argue, shout and stamp their feet. Content that doesn’t do this might as well not even exist. Because it sure as hell isn’t getting consumed.

Ultimately, humans aren’t used to sitting on the fence anyway. We aren’t used to just not taking a position or having an opinion, and we’re not used to consuming media and content that takes that form. After all, we have an immediate emotional reaction to everything. Crypto, jello, Google vs. Apple, Star Wars, cheese, sandwiches, sunsets, laptop keyboard travel, iPhone sizes, meal deals, politicians, rap and the Wiggles. We all take an immediate emotional position on each of those topics.

So what’s going to happen when we find content that doesn’t? We have zero reason to care. And we don’t care. And we don’t do shit. And that content just vanishes into the void.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about making anything online it’s to be bold, be polarising and be loud. Nothing else will move the needle. 🍕🔥💯