“Woman with painted nails wearing rings and bracelet sketches on light table” by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Nah Mate, It’s Not You. It’s Just Your Content That Sucks.

You are not your fucking content.

You are the creator, the maker, the writer, the podcaster.

But you are not your content. It’s a separate thing.

I get this all the time from people. They’ll tell me that their content isn’t doing well, nobody’s watching their shit, nobody’s reading their shit, and it makes them feel like personal failures. That’s absolutely cooked.

When you make something, and nobody pays attention, here’s what that means. Here’s the only thing that means.

It means you’ve got to go out and make something again.

Good content is consistent content.

Good content grows over time.

Good content evolves over time.

Good content shows up.

Good content finds an audience, view by view.

Good content emerges from shit content that you had to make first to learn how to do it wrong so you could learn how to do it right.

All of this reflects your skill, and all of it reflects your work ethic, and all of it reflects where you’re at in your journey as a content creator, but I will say it again, and I will say it every fucking day, and I will say it whenever I’m asked.

You are not your content. Don’t take it personally, don’t burn it all down. Just learn from it.

Because if people aren’t engaging, it does not mean you suck. It means you get to keep trying.

You’re amazing. And I believe in your content.