Tony Robbins Is Full Of Shit.

I want to become better than I am. I want to improve myself. I don’t want to plateau and spend the rest of my life on the same level. But I also don’t want to dive into the self help industry that I’ve seen suck up good people’s money and lives and existence. It’s bloody scary.

The self help gurus want you to believe that you need help.

They don’t want you to accept yourself the way you are. Flawed. Damaged. Broken. Sad. Inspired one minute and discouraged the next. They don’t want you to accept that in actual fact that lived experience is a normal part of being human.

They want you to think that going through the full spectrum of human emotion is bad.

And when they’ve convinced you that you’re broken, they want your credit card.

They are going to try to sell you 9 tiers of a paid program that will capitalise on the parts of you that are broken to convince you that you’ve been helped. Here’s the trick though.

Even after you’ve been through every single one of those 9 tiers, there’ll be more. More platinum memberships and more coaching programs.

They’ll blame the folks whose lives aren’t magically solved!

There are self help practitioners out there who will tell you that the reason people born into abject poverty don’t make it out is because they don’t believe in themselves or they’re too negative or they don’t spend their time manifesting.

These practitioners ignore the obstacles that are insurmountable for so many people, because they’re in the business of preserving their business and the way to do that is to convince the people for whom it hasn’t worked that it’s actually all their fault.

They don’t address Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Transphobia. The inbuilt systems in our society that hold back people who don’t fit a certain model. And in the case of Tony Robbins, they discredit and disavow sexual assault survivors.

I just ain’t here for that shit any day of the week.

That shit is cancelled my friends.

They only have one or two versions of success.

Do you know what I think is a successful life? A life that you enjoyed living, that you lived on your own terms, and that you lived without compromising who you are. The self help industry has a different idea. And it’s largely focused on money, cars, real estate, beauty and sex. All of which are fun things to have around, and none of which can be the sole measure of a life!

They don’t want you to be independent.

Ultimately a self help guru does not want you to succeed in leveling up your life to the point at which you no longer lean on them or support them or pay them. That’s throwing away a perfectly good customer. Why else do you think their stadium tours are all about tuning yourself up? Why else do they celebrate when they get a sea of hands showing folks have attended their $2000 seminars before? Why else do they always have a new system to learn?

I think it’s a massive priority for all of us to keep on asking how we can be better. Do better. Live better. Be more in touch with who we are. Be more in touch with where we want to be. But we need to be careful, because the point at which we recognise that there is something missing from our lives is the point at which we are most vulnerable, and self help gurus will take advantage of that.

My advice? The people who are going to be most effective at helping you improve aren’t gurus selling out stadiums.

They’re the people you love who know you better than anyone else in the world.

Talk to them. 🍕💯👏💅🔥❤️