VC Dundee As A Service

John McDuling writing for the SMH

James McKinnon is a 15-year veteran of the corporate tech industry, and like many people in that world, he juggles many roles.
A co-founder, together with his wife, of popular babysitting app Sittr, he’s an active angel investor.
He has invested in businesses such as management consulting marketplace Expert360, and on-demand private jet business Airly, as well as being a principal at Eaton Square, a tech corporate advisory firm with offices in Australia, China, the US, Europe and Israel.
McKinnon also happens to run the VC Dundee twitter account (that’s not a termsheet, this is a termsheet!).
…Eaton Square now wants to raise $100 million for a venture arm of its own, Eaton Square Ventures, of which McKinnon will be a partner.

I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness at the secrets to both Banksy and VC Dundee being outed in the same year.

The marketing around the release of the identity combined with the raise is interesting, but I suspect interest in the VC Dundee persona may wane after this.

A $100m fund is a cool prospect for McKinnon. Let’s see how the raise actually pans out once set in motion…