We Are Living In The Greatest Time For Content

Daily Blog #38

I was hanging out with the team at Shootsta this morning over a long black at Anvil Coffee Co.

We were talking about what a collaboration looks like. Working on some cool shit.

We were remembering what it was like growing up.

If you wanted cool stuff, you had 3 Star Wars movies and whatever was on TV or whatever you could rent at the Blockbuster. This was pre-DVD.

This was VCR days.

That’s what the world was like. We were lucky to have so many awesome things. Playing with Star Wars toys and taking apart Commodore 64s to see what made them work, because all I wanted was to make computers and be a Jedi Knight.

I wore Vans when I could find a store to buy ’em, and if they had a magazine feature, I’d search everywhere for a copy.

I’d log onto a message board to talk about tech, and video games, and dotcoms and streetwear — when I could get the family computer. It was a magical time.

And all of it just seemed so damn cool. Every piece of content, every awesome product, all the amazing designs out there. I was in love.

20 years later, the world is full of cool stuff.

The internet has changed so much, by opening up world after world. Every creative has an outlet. Every fandom can prove they’re worth making content for.

We can make, and see, and find, and watch, and read anything imaginable.

We’ve got sneaker drops from the coolest brands. We’ve got Sesame Street x PUMA shoes. We’ve got comic books exploding everywhere, with indie publishers throwing stuff at the wall through the internet that could’ve never made traction in the 90’s.

The blogs. There’s articles and pieces written by amazing thinkers, shared for free, years and years worth of content to read and explore and expand your mind and your consciousness.

The startups. The tech companies that are born out of thin air and come bursting out with ideas and potential and people who have big fucking dreams.

We’ve got so many new and amazing Star Wars movies to watch. Sure, they’re not perfect…

But we don’t need perfection. That’s not what we’re here for.

There’s problems. Problems with all of this content, and these ideas, and there’s issues with some of the coolest stuff in the world. There’s startups who I call out for not thinking about the wider implications of what they’re building.

…and then there’s Arlan Hamilton, raising the ABOUT DAMN TIME fund that is going to invest $36,000,000 solely in black female founders. People are making stuff that isn’t just cool, it’s designed to change and shape our world into something amazing.

And those Star Wars films are giving voice to women, whose voices have been fucking ignored for so long.

We’re living in an exciting time.

We’re living in a world where we have content to consume as much as we want.

Good content. Great content. Amazing content.

🍕 There’s fashion.







And it’s all flowing out in volume. It’s inspiring.

I know I’m a little cynical sometimes. So I just want to give a shout out. Because there’s so much cool stuff out there.

And honestly, ain’t it awesome?

🗓 I’m back in the BlueChilli space. It’s been a good morning. Published some content from Le Wagon for the partnership and collaboration that we’re doing, trying to work on solving the brain drain of Devs in Australia and growing the programming talent that we need to be a tech nation. You can check that out here:

I’m planning on a lot of new pieces of content, and I know I keep on talking about it all and you ain’t seeing it, but believe me it’s coming. I just want to make sure that I do it right.

I have an opportunity right now to bridge the gap between my passions, between VC and tech and startups and entrepreneurship and video and blogging and podcasts and streetwear and comic books and it’s almost overwhelming, how excited I’m feeling about this.

Last night, I went to the Swinging Cat with Emily Rich for a Death in the Afternoon, and then I had dinner at my Mum’s with my brothers so we could just hang out. I do that several nights a week. It’s my haven.

Peace to all you 🍕😍✌️

💡 The Daily Ask

If you’re interested in collaborating with me on content, this is the right time to be doing it. Right now, I’m working with brands like Hubspot, PAM, Shootsta, BlueChilli, Le Wagon and more. But the sky is the limit. Blogs, videos, podcasts, social content, chatbots, narratives. I want to do everything. Reach out!


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