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I agree with 90% of what you right. I’m not just white; I’m tall, slim, ‘pretty’, intelligent and my family had money. So I am luckier than most. I live in a Caribbean country and came here for a job. Unlike most of my cohorts I did not come here for the music, the culture, the men. However also unlike my cohorts, I have ‘accidentally’ ended up with 50% of my friends being black. Because we had the same sense of humour. My best friend is black and has taught me so much about how black people see the world. I have to concede on a lot of her points, namely that the white man is responsible for most of the historic pain of the black man. But she is also brainwashed — try as I might I can’t get her to understand that I lock my doors to keep me safe from all evil people, not black people.

I also grew up in Japan and I was the only person in my school with freckles, which the Japanese thought was gross. People would try and wipe off the ugly brown dots. Not close to black suffering I realise, but perhaps I have slightly more understanding of the way you felt as a child, compared to other people.

Please please don’t blame the current generation for what our forefathers did. I understand why, but it’s not an intelligent point of view

Peace and love

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