The Opus

Some old words are suggestive. Like Opus which suggests life’s work. It takes me into a different imagination- and the re-words as James Hillman calls them — like re-imagining and re-visioning.

The word ‘work’ was stolen by factories…and sometimes conjures up images of assembly lines and productivitie’s and efficiencies. The cog in the machine..the ‘unit of production’.The joyless repetitive bleak work of The Industrial Era. Work has come to mean Industrial labor for many and that can be alienating work.

Whereas, the word OPUS leads into richer fantasies of the composition and the body of my life’s work. The creative work. The psychological work. The alchemical work. It leads into the kind of work that will take more of me, psychologically and creatively, that has its own demands and necessities and also it’s own unusual rewards.

In Alchemy there are images of the alchemist mixing unlikely substances in the furnace — to see what comes out — that is some experimental work. The Opus in Alchemy is sometimes said to be working with the prima materia to make gold. That is a way of seeing psychological work, and also seeing creative work.

The Opus in Alchemy can also be The Coninunctio — the joining together in conjunction of the unlikely substances of the masculine principle and the feminine principle. That sounds like an OK kind of creative work. That seems like some of the main work in the Alchemical Opus.

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