The Power of Tools and the #1 Thing You Should Know About Them

Once upon a time I was a home builder. I have been involved with, and done just about everything you can do on a house. Sometimes by choice, and a lot of times by necessity.

One thing that I would never do is go back to “the olden days” and try to do that kind of work without the tools we have now.

Tools like pneumatic nail guns, staple guns, electric saws of all variations, backhoes, track hoes, laser transits, hydraulic lifts, you name it, i’ve owned it, or used it, to make my life of building structures easier.

Now think about this. What if years ago, and I’m sure there were builders out there with this attitude, they started to say, “No, I don’t want to have a new fangled nail gun that will help me build walls faster.” Or, “Why in the world would I use a big machine that can dig a hole for a foundation in 4 hours, when I could take a week to dig it by hand?”

How stupid does that sound? You would look at these people and think they were down right fools, right?

So, why is it so easy to look at other tools that are available and say pretty much the same thing?

“Why would I want to be able to interact with hundreds, if not thousands of contacts through Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, and all of the other sites out there?”

These aren’t just fads my friends. You know that, I know that, but sometimes change is hard, and it’s even harder to embrace. I’m currently struggling to know how to use these platforms most effectively. I’ve had all of the accounts for years, but I haven’t quite learned how to properly use them. Maybe I’m a little scared.

It’s just like having a brand new nail gun sitting in my tool trailer, just wanting, begging even, to be used, but I just let it sit because I don’t know exactly how to hook it up to the air compressor.

So, here’s the #1 thing you should know about tools: DON’T BE SCARED TO USE THEM.

I’ve been asked many times how I am able to figure things out so quickly. It’s simple.

I’m not scared to try things. I’ll push buttons. I’ll turn things on. I’ll read a quick article about something that interests me. I’ll move something. I’ll take something apart. I’ll just do something.

You just can’t be scared of messing things up. MOST of the time, it can be fixed really easily. And if you keep trying things, new tools, new methods, you’ll figure out how to fix it as fast as you messed it up. And you get less scared.

So stop worrying, stop being scared. The new, and “old new” tools out there are at our disposal to help us, and improve the way we do things, and the quality of the things we do.

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