Your Podcast Sucks! (but not for the reason you think)

Podcasting is all the rage, and I think it’s great. I love listening to podcasts and I love recording them. But lets face it…. most of them suck, and there’s a good chance yours does too if you produce one.

Bob: “Hey! What’s your podcasts gonna be about?”

Jim: “Oh man, it’s gonna be sweet! I’m going to do interviews and talk to the best people out there and give SO MUCH VALUE!”

Bob: “Dude, that’s awesome! Who are you gonna interview?”

Jim: “You’re not gonna believe it, I’m gonna interview Mr. X, and Ms. Y, and….”

Bob: “No way! That’s awesome! I’ve heard them all on like 20 other podcasts! You’re so lucky!”

And on and on and on….. You get the idea.

The world of podcasting, as young as it’s purported to be, has basically become a group of cover bands, for lack of a better term. Everyone is interviewing the same people because they are providing “MASSIVE VALUE” and talking about the same “Do these 5 Things To Get X!”

This presents a huge problem.

When you started your podcast, you probably had big dreams of millions of downloads, and huge sponsorships. Being able to record from the beach, or a fancy hotel in a far off country because you were able to design your lifestyle and only work 4 hours a week.

You took the class, and joined the coveted group and were off to the races.

Everything would be outsourced to a VA and your biggest worry would be “Who’s gonna call me next to be a guest on THEIR podcast???”

Sadly, you’ve found that it’s not that easy.

Instead, you are spending hours and hours searching for 3 things. What content will I produce this week? How many consumers will I have of that content? And will this be the week that I actually bring in some cash for all of this hard work I’ve been putting in??

So why is it so difficult? You’ve been told over and over that if you hustle and provide massive value by way of endless streams of content, all free of course, you will come out on top with the life and lifestyle of your dreams, right?

So why aren’t you?

It’s simple really. You’re not providing the value that you think you are. And that is why your blog, your podcast, your periscope, your youtube, your instagram……… wow, that’s all pretty exhuasting……. that’s why they all suck.

Here is one thing that I have learned over the last 15 years of business, sales, etc.: PEOPLE VALUE WHAT THEY PAY FOR.

Let me explain.

“Content Marketing” is obviously a huge thing. In fact, I’m doing it too. Right now. What you’re reading. It’s an easy way to get the message out.

But content marketing has morphed from being something of real “value”, to today’s version of the business card.

Now think about what you did with the last business card you were handed…. trash can perhaps?

How could that be? I mean, it was free, and it was given to you by someone who was telling you how great they were. Why would you throw it away?

That’s what’s happening to all of the content today. It’s being ignored and it’s being moved to the trash bin, and it’s getting 5 listens per episode, and it’s not creating the life you thought it would.


Once again. It’s not valuable. If it was people would not only consume it, but be willing to pay for it. So here’s the key: Instead of regurgitating what all of the other “cover band guru’s” are saying because you can’t come up with something this week, start solving the one main problem that your target market, or ideal audience has.

If you want to provide real, lasting, meaningful, profitable value, you must become a problem solver.

Believe me when I say this: People care more about having their problems solved than getting free stuff, and they’re willing to pay for it.

So ask yourself…. are you really providing the value to your listeners and readers that you think you are? Are you making their life better by solving their biggest problem or taking care of their biggest need?

Do that, and your podcast will not only “not suck” but it really will take you places you only dreamed about.