Apartments in Eugene, OR

Are you hoping to move into the Eugene area? Are you looking for cheap apartments? Well, look no farther, because I have the perfect apartments for you.

The Kersey Apartments are located on 123 Commons Drive, Eugene, Oregon.

Very efficient for students attending the U of O, because it is right down the road from Autzen Stadium and a 5-minute bus drive to the school campus.

Not only are they great student apartments but also very convenient for any young adult. This location is near many attractions in the Eugene area. These apartments are only an 8 to 10-minute drive to the mall, about an 8-minute drive to downtown Eugene and just a few blocks from the beautiful Oakway Shopping Center. All your shopping needs are only a few minutes away.

If you enjoy walks in the park or jogging around, then you are in luck. Alton Baker Park is right down the road. You can easily get out there to feed the ducks or just go for a nice relaxing walk around the beautiful and famous park.

They are one bedroom apartments with one bathroom and shower. The bedroom is very spacious. Big enough to fit a king size bed and more. With a very enormous closet along with a full size mirror.

Each unit comes with a refrigerator, stove and oven. All located in the kitchen. The kitchen area is perfect for all your dining needs. Each stove comes with 4 burners. Ideal for cooking more than one thing at a time. The sink is very big and deep. Able to fit many dishes and makes it easier for any person.

The living room is beautiful with new carpet recently put in. Able to fit up to 8–10 people comfortably. Very large area, sure to please any buyer. Electrical plug ins are found all over the living room, making it very efficient for all your electrical appliances.

And, if you ever need to step out for any reason, there is a very pretty balcony found right outside the door. These balconies look out into the beautiful river that flows right behind the apartments. Get yourself a nice lawn chair and you have yourself the perfect spot for a BBQ or just a nice area to relax after a long day at work.

Oh and you can’t forget about laundry. A laundry room is located in the center of the apartment buildings, near the parking lot. This laundry room is only to be used by the tenants of the apartment.

All this can be yours for the cheap price of $525.00 a month for rent. If you are interested, please feel free to call David M. Kersey at 541–953–7045. Don’t wait, call now!