Bruno the Brazilian

Bruno de Faro is a Freshman at Southern Oregon University. He is the second athlete to come to SOU from Brazil. He left his home country in order to play for the men’s soccer team. I was able to interview him, and I found out a lot about him and the many places he has travelled to. Here is what I found out about Bruno de Faro.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I lived there until was 13. I then moved to the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. I lived there for 2 years then moved back to Brazil. After living in Brazil for about a year, I decided to move to Germany with my step dad. I spent 2 years there, trying out for professional soccer teams. I was hoping to make it pro there but after 2 years I decided to move back to Brazil. After a year I got in contact with Biniam Afenegus, the head soccer coach at SOU, and decided to Move to Ashland and join the squad.

How did you hear about SOU?

As a soccer player I created a highlight video from my games. I then sent that video to many universities around the United States, hoping to get picked up by one of them. After a couple of days I began to get emails from many coaches. Ive travelled to the east coast many times in my life, so I wanted to move to a place I have never been to before. So, I googled Oregon and it looked very beautiful and I decided that SOU was the school for me.

What is your major?

I have always wanted to get into sports management, so I am majoring in business administration. Soccer has always been a big part of my life. So, managaing a soccer team would be the perfect fit for me. But, making it pro is a dream of mine, and I will give it my all to take my soccer career as far as I can.

Is the language change a concern of yours?

Not at all. After living in the United States, for 2 years, I was able to pick up English very quickly. I now know 4 Languages. I know Portuguese, English, German and Spanish. After living in several countries I was able to learn all these different languages.

How do you like Oregon so far?

Oregon is beautiful, I love it here. It is different then the many places I have lived before. The air here is amazing and the scenery is beautiful. The people here are different. They seem nicer and welcoming. That is the biggest difference that I have notices so far, the people. Back in Rio it us a scary place to live. There is poverty and a lot of violence. Moving to Oregon was the right decesion for me. And everyone on the team is very nice and they welcomed me into their family. I couldn’t have asked for a better home.

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