College Athletes Should Be Paid

Dear NCAA,

As a classmate of mine has stated, college athletes should be paid, I also agree with his statement. As a 4 year college athlete myself, I understand why he has stated this. College athletes dedicate a lot of time and sacrifice to the sport that they love. These athletes sacrifice their body and mind in order to see their program thrive in competition. I understand that many athletes already do receive money through scholarships and grants, but some student athletes do not receive enough to even pay off their student debt.

My classmate has proposed a program that evenly distributes pay throughout the student athletes of a sports team. He states that the best college football programs can easily bring in up to 40 million dollars in ticket sales alone. On a typical football team there are 53 players, breaking down the sales and giving each athlete a share of the money would see the players being reimbursed for the time and sacrifices that they make as student athletes.

I hope you take these thoughts into consideration. Thank you.

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