Your 2K16 Raiders Men’s Soccer

The SOU men’s soccer team is ready for their new season. With new players, they are ready to make it all the way. Last year was the first ever season for the men, and now they have a better chance of success because they now know what to expect from their competition.

The team is on their second week of training camp and you can already tell the ambition to win in every player. With our first scrimmage game on Wednesday, the team is putting in the work every day and at every practice to win a starting position.

Not only has the team been grinding on the soccer field but we have done many team bonding activities.

On the first week back on campus the team took a camping trip to Applegate Lake. We spent 3 days there. Left on a Thursday and came back on Saturday in the afternoon. For some guys this trip was their first time camping and putting up tents. This trip helped everyone get to know each other. We did many activities out in the water. The SOU Outdoor Program provided the team with kayaks and paddle boards. The weather made it perfect to be out on the water.

Not only did we spend a lot of time in the water but we also played soccer tennis and spike ball on the grass. Some guys also started a fire near the water where we made s’mores and warmed up some hot dogs. A couple of guys even cooked their burger patties in the fire.

With only 12 tents for 35 guys, we had to get up close and personal. It made for some good and funny times. Once night time hit, it was perfect for star gazing. Some of the guys had never seen a shooting star, but on this trip everyone saw at least one.

For another team bonding activity, as a team we jogged to a nearby pool facility for a team swim. It was a hot day and instead of having our scheduled practice, our coach surprised us with some swimming. We were there for about an hour. After a long week of training camp it was nice to relax and cool off. As a team we also went through some stretching exercises in the water.

Everyday we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as a team. We are like a big family. During our free time we usually play FIFA on the PlayStation 4. We have very intense games of FIFA. Every night after dinner we get a couple of games in before bed. Recently, we started a big FIFA tournament where everyone participated in. It is fun watching all the guys get into their games. It really brings out their competitive side.

Not only are the players ready for the season to kick off but so are the coaching staff. The coaching staff does a great job of inspiring the players and making sure that we give our best at every training. New member to the coaching staff, Andrew Croft, specializes in working with the goal keepers. He is great at what he does and he does a great job of pushing his players and keeping them motivated at all times. The school also provides the players with athletic trainers. So, if anyone picks up an injury we have trainers to help us out and get us back on the field as soon as possible.

Last year the team did not do as good as we would have liked, but this year things will be a little different. We are better than ever before and are ready to give it all we got in order to reach the ultimate prize. Go Raiders!