Project launch: Prosper Marketplace’s retail investor experience

I’m very glad to share that the project I’ve been working on for months finally launched. Even in turmoil, the team overcame all obstacles and launched this projects. Credit to everyone who worked on this together (past or present). You know who you are.

Significance of this project:

When I first joined Prosper Marketplace, they had a low-volume consumer product. The old site consisted of a series of incoherent pages, cluttered with an overflow of information and functionalities designed for sophisticated investors — desktop only.

The new experience is simplified, visually appealing, mobile friendly and allows investors to invest in only a few clicks.

The Dashboard:

Prosper Account Overview

The Auto Invest page:

Prosper Select Criteria

[caption id=”attachment_733" align=”aligncenter” width=”247"]

Prosper Marketplace Investor Dashboard in mobile

Prosper Marketplace Investor Dashboard in mobile[/caption]

Leading the engineering effort was no mean feat. I’ll write more on what we did well in the next post.

To learn more about this project officially, click here.