The Best Social Network

The best way to promote your work or business is with the use of social network. You can get to thousands or even millions of people in just minutes to interact with your online profiles.

I have been using and analyzing the five most important social networks, with the final objective to understand the best way I could get future clients, without paying for advertising:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus

I am not going to fill out this post with statistics, numbers or graphics, I’m just writing about my personal experience.


In the beginning there was a social network called Facebook, it was a good place to promote your services. A lot of people could interact with your business, a lot of people could see your post, give you a like or comment on your latest pictures. In the beginning it was good, now it’s even better, but it’s not free anymore.

The big problem with Facebook is that you need to pay for everything. You need to pay for people to give you a like to your page, then you need to pay if you want these people you already paid, to see your post. You need to pay to send people to your website using your own Facebook fan page, you need to pay for every single step you take on Facebook.

If you don’t pay, you won’t get engagement at all. Yes, you can get likes for your Facebook fan page, promoting your Facebook fan page with free methods, but, when the time comes to post a new picture or a piece of “status”, nobody is going to see it unless you pay.

The Facebook engagement rate has fallen in the latest years from 15% to almost 1% . What does it mean? It means that, if you want to people see your future post, if you want your fans interact with you or your business, you will have to pay, as simple as that.


Twitter is a good place to promote your services. You can get retweets and favorites. You can offer real time status to your clients and your clients will see it. But Twitter has shown to me two major problems.

The first problem is “followers”. The 90% of your followers on Twitters are fakes. I’m not talking about fakes accounts. People on Twitter just follow you, hopping you follow them back, if you don’t follow them back, then, they will unfollow you in about 2–3 days. It’s like a game, your followers will always appears and disappears and yes, you will be rising your followers day by day “following” this game, but at the end of the day, you won’t have real fans.

Problem number two, people will interact with your tweets, they will favorite and retweet your tweets, but they will never visit your links. Let’s say I tweet this post right now on Twitter, this post will have 10 favorites and it will be retweeted about 15–20 times. People will see this post on Twitter about 200 times, but when you check your analytics you will realize that the traffic referral from Twitter only represents about 2 or 3 people.

Conclusions, Twitter is just a game of “follow me/follow you”.


In my personal experience, Instagram is the best way to promote your business. every photo I post on Instagram receive a lovely amount of interactions (likes and comments). I also get followers for every post and, these followers don’t unfollow me 2 days later.

Almost the 80% of my clients have been referred thanks to Instagram and, you can check it, google it or whatever you need, Instagram is one of the best social networks for engagement.

The bad side of Instagram, you cannot pay to promote your post and you don’t have a real tool from Instagram to check analytics. This options are going to be available in the near future, but nobody knows when.


This is a good social network for engagement. Every post give me tons of visits to my website. People also interact a lot on every post. I get shares and 1+ and I like it. Google+ post can help you, or your business to establish your website in a better way, on a Google search result.

The problem with Google+? This is a website for “intellectual” people, you won’t get clients using Google+, in fact, I haven’t been able to get my first client using Google+, because people of Google+ are only looking for knowledge or referrals to their websites.

These are my humble results, no statistics, no analytics, no graphics, just my personal experience using these social networks. If I would have to choose a social network to pay to promote my business, it would be Instagram, but this is not possible right know?

So, What’s your favorite social network?

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