It’s Easier to Dream when You’re Blind

Boy Dee was afraid of energetic little puppies and walking down the stairs.

Teen Dee was frightened of boys who shouted and Valentine’s rejections.

But when Dee came of age, people became scared of him.
He had an uncanny ability to create fear and suspicion from those around him.
Dee wondered why, and for most of his life, he had to mind how he acted or suffer repercussions from those who feared him.
People come to hate the things they fear.
So people hated Dee.

One day Dee asked his Papa,

“Why do people hate me?”

“They used to hate me as well, but now I’m old, you see?”

“How could anyone hate you Papa? You’re the most gracious man I know.”

“Not everyone sees the same. Some people are born blind, and therefore can’t see anything. Others are born colorblind; they’re able to see but not so precise as I do. And then there are those who are born with eyes to see, just like me, but they see no better than those who are blind.”

“What does that mean?”

“Touch your face, Dee, what do you see?”

“I see poor little Dee.”

“Well, I see the beautiful little Dee that I’ve watched grow to be a good man. But there are those who don’t see you, Dee. They see something else, something that doesn’t exist.”

“And what is that Papa?”

“A ‘man of color’, something to be pitied, to be feared, something not to be trusted. As I said, something that doesn’t exist. If only they were like you Dee, they would see Dee, the beautiful little Dee that I know.”