Why Are You So Beautiful?

Human asked Horse, “You never wash your face in the morning nor do your hair, but why are you still beautiful?”

Horse stared for a moment then replied to Human, “Oh Human, you see beauty for what it is, for you are able to understand, without explanation, the beauty around you. Your brethren name our Mother as if she’s many things; you call Her forest, ocean, and mountain then travel the land to indulge in Her beauty.

You see beauty and you know it Human; you hear beauty when you walk through the woods, accompanied only by the stillness of life, and feel beauty when you hear the crashing of the waves during the high tide of sundown. Oh, how you have the knack for such things.

Human, you define beauty so well, for beauty is when things are as they’re supposed to be; the falling of the leaves in the autumn season, the nursing of the child by the mother, and the culmination of brokenness in which you find camaraderie; they are but the nature being natural, being as they are to be.
Human, you recognize beauty when you see it in all cases but one. It is a tragedy, that you can not see beauty when it comes to your own. You look in the mirror and see something not meant to be, as if you are the black sheep of nature, the ugly duckling of creation!

When I see you, you are as beautiful as the falling of the rain, as alluring as the smell of orchids in the cool spring time breeze, and as stunning as the bright sun who gives all life.

You look at yourself and see imperfection, a failed product. Maybe it is legitimate. Maybe you, who we all covet to be, deviated from the purpose in which you were created to be. And because of that you feel as though beauty left you.

Beauty is not far from you Human, by grasping for what you thought was beauty, you’ve let go of true beauty.

Return to your creator and be as you were meant to be, as natural as nature, and lead us once again in the beauty of the garden that surrounds us.”

Originally posted on Let’s Get Creative