30 Little Life Pleasures For the Eternaly Unhappy

photo by: Aaron Kilby

This week, after I came back from a few days in London, I began to meditate after a long absence. The reason why I started doing it once again, after almost 1 year and a half of not sitting and doing nothing, is because I missed it… Really. I mean I didn’t start to do it because I felt that I was in need to solve something or fix myself, — you already know my opinion on that subject.

After the first few minutes of sitting in a not-so-proper lotus position I entered a state of serenity and two very important questions came to me. At the same time I started to ritualize more my days, to be more aware of what I do and how I see others.

With this I felt love, I felt gratitude and bliss for my life.

And so I just had the idea, while I was scratching my head thinking about what I should write about, to share with you some of those underrated things, those little pleasures that you probably have in your life but you don’t even notice.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Sleeping in a proper bed and snuggle in your duvet. I never realized how incredible a bed can be after I spent over a month sleeping on floors.
  • Smelling the pages of a book.
  • Petting a dog and smiling like a moron while you play with him.
  • The smell of rain on asphalt.
  • The sound of an ATM while dispensing your money.
  • The feeling that comes when you wear a perfect, smooth suit.
  • That one day when everything just runs perfect, aligned and smooth.
  • The taste of great food.
  • While you have dinner with your friends in a great restaurant.
  • Reading something and feeling that you reached a major realization.
  • That feeling when you can see in her eyes that she does like you.
  • Getting a proper haircut.
  • When you find money in your old trousers.
  • Those small reminders of “karma”.
  • A hot shower after you went on a cold-showers-only week.
  • Hugging someone you like.
  • Telling an obvious lie and expecting to get caught… but people believe you.
  • Really long train, airplane, car rides.
  • Listening to an Alan Watt’s video and feel that you are on an Acid trip.
  • When you tell a story and everyone’s engaged.
  • Being lost in a new city and you just shrug your shoulder and keep walking.
  • Laying on the grass and watching the sun disappears on the horizon while the sky goes on fire.
  • Catching up with an old friend that you haven’t got in touch for years.
  • Seeing a under 8 year old kid with way better style than you will ever have.
  • When the wifi works smoothly.
  • When your football team wins a game and you sigh in relief.
  • Crying of laughter.
  • Watching your favorite movie.
  • The first swim of the year in the ocean.
  • Telling that you have written 30 little pleasures, when you only wrote 29.

(I left out sex, alcohol and drugs for obvious reasons…)

What about you? Which little pleasures do you have that you just love? Share those below 🙂