Why I stopped watching the news: A primer on living a mentally sober life

I never saw a great value in newspaper reading. I never really trusted the news broadcast at 8p.m. I never cared about radio.

Today I don’t read the news and I am more aware of what is going on in the world than most.

People dwell for hours and days(!!) in the same piece of information re-marketed and with new developments that are basically the same that was yesterday. Then you have those sharped dressed “experts” and “authorities” telling you what to think and making you feel utterly stupid.

I don’t see anything positive about it. Okay, there was a hurricane in Sri Lanka. That sucks, move on. The government is going to approve a new law increasing taxes? Well what a surprise, ah? Of course I am not pleased but I don’t need other people telling me utter lies about the need for that. The taxes are going to raise, close deal.

If you watch the new you will think that the Islamic State is marching in the streets of Paris. That Donald Trump is nuking China. That starvation and poverty is going to spread across Europe because of the refugees. A holy war is coming and the fucking Iranians are the personification of everything bad in the world.

Seriously? Do you really think that they want to give you any truth? Well, no! They want people watching and nothing makes people more focused in a screen than fear. That’s it. If you don’t believe me read Noam Chomsky’s work: “Manufacturing Consent” or Ryan Holiday’s book “Trust me, I’m lying.”

Since I stopped watching or reading any news I am not only more sane but I can see things for myself. I love my mental sober state, I treat other people better, I can think more clearly and that is reflected on my work.

And if I want to be entertained I can always choose what I want to see.

I mean, would you accept a complete stranger telling you what to think, implying that you are an ignorant fool and on top of that spreading garbage all over your living room?

Of course not. Then why do you let a complete stranger in a suit do you exactly that and you still feel that’s normal?

This is what I gained from not watching the news:

  • I don’t say stupid remarks such as: “Over there is really dangerous”
  • I think that where I live is equally safe than any other part of the Western World”
  • I have more time to read really good books
  • I work more!!!
  • I don’t assume that because you wear a suit you are smarter, with more knowledge or an authority in a given field.
  • Babies are born everyday. People die every day. No need to feel better about myself because I didn’t go smashed by a drunken driver.
  • I know that not everyone in Europe is sophisticated, in North America is a gun loving redneck, in Africa a starving child or warlord, in Asia a terrorist or insert Asian racial steriotype and in South America a kidnapper who smuggles cocaine in his free time.
  • I know that 99% of what is written or broadcasted has zero impact on my life or will change the world in a significant way.
  • I know that I can trust other people because real people are just like me.
  • I understand that sex, anger & faith are a natural part of life and I don’t need their advice on any of that.
  • I feel more like a compassionate and loving human being.