When does the true Leadership start?

The true leader is neither the one who needs followers nor the one who craves for popularity, wealthy and acknowledgment. Is the one who is not seeking power upon others but power upon oneself. Be leader of ourselves is not easy at all. It demands great efforts, knowledge and attitudes. The true leadership is the “perfume” which exhales from those ones who were able to master and know themselves at a high level in some aspects of their lives. It’s a scent that not everybody can smell. Why? Because many people have just eyes to see nothing more than looks and social positions. They only can see, feel and develop leadership inside of this bubbles.

The people are truly concerned with the status given by others human beings. The position of doctor, supervisor, champion, president etc. They have forgotten the “status” given by the life in itself. What are you for the life? Besides your titles and social positions who are you? What can you do in this life? Do you really need a specific social position to allow yourself to be happy and powerful?

Nowadays almost everyone wants to be a leader not because they want to master their minds and help others to expand their potentials too, but because they want to make more money, control other minds and be recognized as better than every other.

Money, power and fame the triad which is desired by those ones that are disconnected from their real power. Real power? Yes, there’s no time to be soft and complacent here! If we do need a lot of money, titles and notoriety to be happy, confident and satisfied with our lives we are somehow mediocre. The society says that we desire what is lacking on us. That’s why some people say that the desire nature is the lack. In fact it is true, however it’s most true for those ones who are enslaved by their unfulfilled desires.

If the fulfillment of your desires is most of the time spotted outside of you. If it’s placed in the future, past or in someone you are miles away from your true power, your true leadership. Your true power starts to pop up when you do realize that you own an artificial mind which has been fed by those people who are disconnected from their real power as much as you. Ultimately, your true power is the practical knowledge about the “desires movement” inside you.

Understand this condition is the first step to clean up the mess that was made inside our minds and increase the awareness towards our thoughts feelings and desires. There’s no way to run away from The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” if you want to evolve yourself and become a real leader.

If all this text sounds too subjective for you, enlight with your mind the core of this article which is — leading your attention to the “objects” which move your desires whether they are things, persons or ideas. Recognize them and learn about their influence over you.