Judophobia is a term which is widely spread all over the world, and by hearing it people used to reply almost in the same way. However, let us first, define what does the “Judophobia” mean based on the definition:

Judophobia, also known as anti-Semitism, is the irrational fear, hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. This social phobia is often made worse by misinformation or lack of information about the targeted culture or religion. Over time such misconceptions can develop into hatred and phobic fear.

The name is derived from the Hebrew word “Yehudi” meaning “Jewish”.

Life examples of facing Judophobia

As in example of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz people are not an exception, they also have so called “Judophobia”. Kyrgyzstan is a post-soviet country and in the Kyrgyz territory the number of Jews counted slightly above one thousand people according to, (http://limon.kg/news:35311). When Kyrgyz people talk about Jews they refer to them as they are the richest race and that they rule the world being in a shadow. As the facts they can give examples of Jewish people who have worked in Kyrgyzstan and they were in quite good positions, and in most of the cases Jewish people were rich in comparing with local Kyrgyz people. Personally, I was told many examples of it, for instance, the director of school in Nary named by Valeriy Chkalov, he was Jew and many others.

World Examples

People have irrational fear, hostility or prejudices towards Jewish, not only because they are rich, but also because most of the Jewish people are talented. An example of talented Jews around the world, Nobel Laureates: Nadine Gordimer, Joseph Brodsky, Georges Charpak etc. Famous Actors/actress: Adam Sandler, Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downew Jr. etc. Famous Singers: Paul Simon, Adam Lambert, Bob Dylan, Pink etc. This just a little piece of chosen people and the list can be enumerated identically, the truth is that there is a tremendous numbers of talented Jewish people around the world and it is understandable, why most of the people say that Jewish people are talented, even most of them.

Certainly, the term “Judophobia” is known in most of the parts of the world but at the same time it does not mean that irrational fear, hostility or prejudices is right toward Jewish or even to any race. There is a correlation between being Jewish and being rich, but there is no certainty that all Jewish people are rich or talented. For certain having prejudices, toward anything is not right, unless it is backed by strong facts.


Retrieved from: https://massivephobia.com/judeophobia-fear-of-jews/

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