The power of prototyping code

A really quick way to get your projects up and running

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The key is motivation

When you are starting out your personal projects or new ideas the key factor for success (at least in continuing the damn thing 😆) is motivation! Without it you will not feel compelled to start or even continue working on it.

F*** YEAH!

Build prototypes

The first turning point in my situation was when I started building prototypes. Everything changed after that. Results started pouring in quickly and my motivation towards the project started ramping up like magic.

What is a prototype?

From wikipedia

What I do — example in React

Forget little performance issues, don’t stress too much about variable and function names, use inline functions and don’t separate code into many files. Organizing and refactoring will be easier afterwards.

simple example of Toast animator component
  • Remove the inline functions and declare them as component methods
  • Separate the Toast logic into its own component
  • Calculate the correct styling in a proper function that you can test afterwards
  • etc…

Closing remarks

I know that this isn’t really applicable in real work environments if you have tight deadlines but you can definitely use this when starting up your own personal projects and you are still unsure of how to do them.

follow your dreams

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