Magento Error : Front controller reached 100 router match iterations

Dreaded Magento router reach 100 loop error.

I was on a roll to complete a website when I was hit with this “Front controller reached 100 router match iterations” error on my demo server. As a long time magento developer in sri lanka, I have solved many error like this within hours but non seems to be working this time. the error was giving when I go to the blog post page from blog list page of AheadWorks Blog Ce.

As always, a quick Googling on StackOverFlow gave lot of solutions which non of them worked for me.

The valuable article here allowed me to be certain that the issue in on the blog component itself but not because of the server or anything else. It explains you how to set up a logging logic to track the route that exceed the 100 loops.

After few hours of head scratching and cursing, I found there are two blog extensions installed on my magento site. One from Neothemes Blog ( nBlog) and AheadWorks Free Community version blog. I suspected both these components gets invoked on the /blog/ route which is causing the error.

I wanted to use the aheadworks blog, so I removed the nBlog and , viola! the error in gone. Silly it might may seem, but took a good days work to figure this out! Sometimes the solution is simpler than you imagine it to be.