About me

I’ll start this blog by telling you about myself

I am 17 years old and in my last year of highschool.

I work at a retail store 3 times a week, adding up to 87 hours a month.

My favorite color is mint green which is currently the color of my hair too :D

I have a boyfriend and I love him very much!

I am a female lol

I have one super close friend and a few semi close ones as well but I like to be quiet and keep to myself.

I live in the USA

My favorite number is 12

I suffer from mild to severe anxiety that can be daunting sometimes

I’m new to medium but i’m hoping that blogging will help my anxiety and maybe help other people learn that they aren’t alone.

I probably have some depression too but I just think i’m in a hard stage in life

I’m really sensitive but I understand that if you hurt my feelings it’s probably because i’m super sensitive so I won’t blame you

I loooove writing stories and poems :D

I also really like Kpop (Bangtan is my shizz bruh) but I love pretty much all music

I have 2 dogs, one is a chihuahua that was abused and one is my baby and is a poodle named Sasha :3

That’s all for now but feel free to message me with any questions. You can email me at jooniepoo9@gmail.com :D

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