Learning with toddlers

Joono OpenStory
Jan 2, 2016 · 1 min read

Have you used iPads with toddlers? Since I make ebooks on iPad I have been very interested in how toddlers use iPad. So, I watched my nephews for two years and here is one of the clips I have documented.

Look at his fingers. I was surprised when he used his pointed fingers and touched the screen. At first, he didn’t touch the screen like that. When you give an iPad to toddlers they keep pressing the only button on iPad. As a result, they can’t stay on books.

The amazing thing is that toddlers mimic your movements easily. Every time I showed the book on iPad, I used my index finger to turn pages and paused between pages while my index finger was on the screen. I think that my nephew is mimicking my movements because now he can go to the next and previous pages by sliding his index fingers.

Learning from toddlers

Here are what I have learned from my nephews.
1. Toddlers can’t read but they can hear. eBooks for toddlers need sound.
2. Toddlers can’t focus on multiple things. Less is more on the screen.
3. Toddlers recognize patterns. Consistency matters.

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