Less is a bore.

I am an e-book creator. I make books that run only on iBooks, iPad. I have been making books for about 2 years. This may not be much time as an e-book creator but I want to explain the reason why iBooks isn’t popular.

At first, I didn’t know that iBooks exists. I discovered iBooks to find content for my nephew. I downloaded popular books and read. Soon, I have realized that iBooks isn’t good enough. Reading on iBooks is painful. My iPad is heavy and the shiny screen doesn’t help me to read. As for reading iPad is a terrible device. Then you wonder why I create books only on iBooks.

Creating e-books for iBooks is easy and simple using iBooks Author. I have tried to create e-books using Adobe InDesign for multi devices but it isn’t easy. Also, testing e-books on Android tablets is tiresome and buggy. So without hesitation, I chose iBooks.

E-books on digital devices should be different. Reading e-books on iPad should be beyond traditional reading experience. Great content, beautiful design and life lessons are all good. However, e-books shouldn’t be another version of traditional books.

iPad is not a good reading device. But it’s a great device to experience interactions between contents and users. I use my books to play with my nephew. For example, I show bunch of animal pictures and let my nephew to touch them. By touching the picture he learns the name of the animal or mimics the sound. So far, my nephew loves this simple interaction.

People don’t want to pay for the traditional reading experience on iBooks. Yet, iBooks focuses on promoting traditional best-sellers based on offline sales, famous authors or big publishers. This marketing plan can’t make iBooks better. Apple should pay more attention to independent publishers/creators who create new, unusual and diverse books. iBooks needs to be cool and different from other e-book platforms. But, without Apple’s change and help from independent publishers/creators iBooks won’t be popular.

iBooks, Please don’t be like an app on iOS. Act like a platform.

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