Monthly Highlights — December 2018

“Impossible can be possible if we put our minds to it”.

Roy Lai, InfoCorp CEO & Founder — December 2018

2019 is here and Sentinel Chain is 9 months old at year end!
Happy new year first of all.

During these 9 months, we have…

FarmTrek is Now Available in Google Play Store

FarmTrek is now LIVE!

In keeping with the roadmap laid out in the Whitepaper, InfoCorp Technologies has reached another key milestone in its history with the FarmTrek application available in Google Play Store from 28 December 2018. The initial version of FarmTrek…

Weekly Progress Updates

17–23 December 2018

FarmTrek App Development Updates

1. Unveiling FarmTrek! CrossPay Rebrands as FarmTrek.

Moving beyond the perceived limitations of a name, the Team carefully planned for the transition to FarmTrek looking to offer a bigger picture of what Sentinel Chain is. …

Weekly Progress Updates

10–16 December 2018

CrossPay App Development Updates

1. To prepare the App for future wide and smooth developments in Myanmar, there will be some alignment to CrossPay — stay tuned for news on this front…. Soon!!

2. Setting up and testing the production environment

PR, Marketing and…

Weekly Progress Updates

3rd — 9 December 2018

CrossPay App Development Updates

1. Completed the enhancement of the multichain infrastructure setup. The enhanced design has better resiliency.

PR, Marketing and Events

The Tech Page Update — CrossPay App Development Updates:

1. Crosspay design saw improvements in user accessibility to livestock details completed this month.

2. Completed the ‘LBVD/MI’ attester approval flow.

3. Three rounds of regressions have been completed. No open critical bugs in both app and admin portal were recorded.

Weekly Progress Update

26 November — 2 December 2018

CrossPay App Development Updates

1. Completed the setup and documentation of enhanced multichain infrastructure setup

2. Updated security of Vaccination Documents data entered

PR, Marketing and Events

Tune in to CNA (free channel) on Wed. 9:30 PM SG time to watch our founder & CEO Roy Lai in “The Entrepreneur”, 1st of a 3-part series showcasing EYA winners’ journeys to success.

Last but not least

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Weekly Progress Updates

19–25 November 2018

The Tech Page

CrossPay Development Updates

1. App has been deployed in Google Alpha Store, download and testing functions from Google Alpha Store were successful. This is a private testing environment and is not open to public access.

2. PR, Marketing and Events

Weekly Progress Updates

12–18 November 2018

Technical Updates

CrossPay Development Updates

1. Three rounds of QC regression have been completed to date. No open critical bugs in both app and admin portal were recorded.

2. Completed the workflow for creation of Attesters

3. Backup tools/software have been finalised

PR, Marketing…

Monthly Highlights — October 2018

The Tech Page Update:

CrossPay App Development Updates

1. We released CrossPay 2.0.3 — a much more stable version of the app which we have released for user testing in Myanmar. …

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