Action bias

The bias project - gotta keep on moving

People like action. But action is not the same thing as ‘solution’. The action bias refers to:

“The tendency to act immediately, even if that action is probably useless, possibly even harmful”

And why would we do that? Because it feels good. Nobody will blame you when you’ve done something wrong, but you wíll be held responsible when you’ve done nothing. Passivity has a bad reputation, it feels lazy.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to pay a consultant for the advice to change nothing. So we change the rules all the time; we enforce emergency laws, we change school methods, we build walls to keep immigrants out and we knock on wood to keep bad luck away.

And when there’s really nothing we can do, we get a new haircut. The action bias keeps us moving.

The UX part

The UX part is simple: don’t give ány room for hesitation because if you will, people simply will do something else. So avoid confusion at all costs and keep the flow going at a comfortable speed.

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