I simply cannot stand by anymore whilst a known liar, a cheat, and a downright rude man occupies 10 Downing Street.

Roughly two years ago to this day, I made the commitment to join the Conservative and Unionist Party. I did so confident that my values were represented not just by party elites, but shared too with the wider membership. Values such as supporting business and enterprise, rejecting ideologues, and maintaining (though when necessary, reforming) our historic institutions.

My journey, whilst fairly short-lived compared to others’, has been eventful. Four months into my membership, I threw my hat into the…

Photo by Alessandro Augusto Lucia https://www.flickr.com/photos/san_drino/3323056685/

Our constitution needs overhauling, let’s not waste time by beating around the bush.

Many Conservatives reject the notion that major constitutional change must come swiftly and on-demand from the general populace. I am not one of those Conservatives. What we saw with the Brexit vote was a cry for help and a plea for change, a wake-up call to top politicians in Westminster. For too long have everyday people suffered in the name of tradition. …

Economy by Nick Youngson

Ignore the Socialists, smaller and more efficient Government will provide an economy for everyone.

In our era of highly polarised politics we’re being offered two distinctly opposing plans for our country. A hard-left agenda of nationalisations, tax rises and huge leaps in Government spending; or a continuation of the status-quo with added Mayite controls over immigration and an ‘industrial strategy’ (whatever that means). But surely there must be a middle way. A programme that boosts private investment, increases real wages and gives all generations a stake in the economy.

Let’s first look at why we must reject the Socialist agenda…

Friends of the Earth Scotland

In this modern world there are four things citizens require access to in order to live a high quality of life. Transport, clean air, housing and jobs. Here, I’ll be discussing the primary two.

All over Europe, many cities are exceeding the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended threshold for concentration of fine particulate matter — which for the purposes of my article will be used as a measure of air pollution — set at 10µg/m3. We see that even cities in countries considered “progressive” including Amsterdam and Copenhagen have air pollution levels high enough to be hazardous for their inhabitants…

A liberal’s guide to dealing with those that turned to Trump and Brexit for answers, from an ex-Brexiteer.

I’ll admit that I used to be pro-Brexit, but now I’m definitely opposed to leaving the EU in any form. I’m also not alone. For readers in the US, no doubt there are people who voted for Trump but are now opposed to his administration and regret their decision. People such as myself and others are living proof that the populist rhetoric from both sides of the Atlantic during 2016 can be countered. But how? …

May at the 2017 General Election manifesto launch

Theresa May’s takeover of the Conservative Party is killing it’s liberal wing, and with that the entire party.

It’s safe to say that of the largest factions within the (just about) governing Conservative and Unionist Party here in the UK, the liberal one-nation conservatives are in opposition. Those in charge certainly aren’t to the economic right of the party, just look at the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s idea for a new ‘Amazon Tax’ and a slower pace of deficit reduction in the 2017 manifesto. We’ll call them Mayites, if you will. Believing in strong Government regulations, price caps, immigration controls…

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