Day 17–18

According to Deresiewicz to be alone with your thoughts is in fact solitude itself. It is learning and realizing exactly who you are within the framework of yourself. Having a concrete understanding what exactly you do and do not believe. In society we are programed from the moment of birth, we are taught what how to act, what we should say, and how to live our lives “properly or the right way.” We are taught learn and not question exactly what is taught. We learn how to continue the routine but not set the standard. There are rare amount of people who actually have the ability to think from themselves. Everyone always wants to fit in and be apart of something especially to avoid the embarrassment of being alone on a topic or premiss. But that is where the problem arise. To be alone with your thoughts means thinking for yourself, knowing exactly who your are and having the ability remain true to yourself throughout every situation.

Challenges of thinking for yourself:

  1. Thinking about what others will think about my decision.
  2. Worrying if the decision i make will effect others around me, in regards to myself.
  3. Second guessing my decision.
  4. Self-motivation- learning to push through difficult situations
  5. Being optimistic in regards to each situation, all situations are learning experiences.

Review for Exam:

In order to prepare for this exam I first outlined everything i did not know about. Next I attempted to fulfill the missing gaps with info from the notes a collected from class and on my own. I made a outline of all the most relevant material that was covered from the last test until this point in order to form as study guide. I then i reread the general summaries of the works that was covered over this part of the course to make a sure i had the correct general understanding of the unreasonably long works that were assigned. As a group we met up in the founders library to fill in gaps in the understandings that were missed in class or by myself.

Tuesday — read summaries + class(3.5 hours)

Wednesday- outline (1.5)

Thursday — class plus study (2.5)

Friday — hour studying notes (1)

Sunday — study notes (1)

Monday — 3 hours of studying and group meet up.

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