3 Things Dinosaurs Do

I wanted to quickly discuss what I came across with my friends and how it relates to my everyday life so closely. My job is to sell, my job is to invoke change and share how others found success using technology. The funny thing is that it’s easier to sell to customers than it is to sell your friends.

Recently, I download the Ritual App as a work colleague invited me to it. I used it and experienced how easy and convenient it was for everyday life. I thought this might be something worth throwing into my group chat for my buddies. So I did and I captioned it with “Uber for food” going with how much everyone loves Uber, I figured it might be hit. It wasn’t to negative comments and no downloads, I sat back and asked myself was it that they don’t trust me? No. Was it that the negative conotation of easily putting something new down? Maybe Or was it because I didn’t explain how it solves a problem at lunch? Yes.

After 6 hours of crickets one of my friends asks me about what Ritual can do, I said it makes ordering super easy and they notify you when its ready so you can go pick it up. His response was do they deliver, I could have said no but I said i”t makes lunch that much easier you can sit at your desk place the order and skip a huge line you see at Paramount of Panera” ding ding Sale! He Downloaded the app.

This brings me to my 3 points about change and new things the first one is

  1. Imagery — What I’ve found whenever someone proposes something new or shares an idea we go through our minds what it would be like and easily dismiss it. Ritual app “Sounds complicated, what if it doesn’t work, Uber already delivers food” We build a picture in our heads before even trying it…Im very guilty of this many a time.
  2. How can it benefit me — If someone shares something its because they like it themselves and would think you might benefit from it too. Often times this is were the disconnect is, My coworker always shares youtube videos and if its just a cut and paste probably not going to watch it but when you add a quick caption “ This is so good, this is hilarious, You will like this” It puts in our minds that its for us and will benefit us.
  3. To Afraid — My third example goes back to my friends who still print out their tickets for concerts and shows! We live in an age so technologically driven to make our lives easier but why do we still print out our tickets? The easy answer is because it’s safe, we will go out of our way to find a printer carry it around for days and on top of that having to remember to BRING THE TICKETS. Event Brite has made our lives so easy that the ticket actually pops up on the day of your event. Why are we fearful of new technology? I think it goes back to what if Im wrong, which builds into what if I miss out with all my friends and snowballs into a huge negative fear of missing out so we print our tickets to be safe and make sure we don’t miss out.

How to build off of these? With Imagery I would say acknowledge when you prejudge and don’t want to do something, If someone asks you to place an order the first thought should “Sure, no problem” but we always revert back to “Dang, something might go wrong and I don’t want to deal with it, you do it”. Dealing with the self added benefit just ask yourself the question before if applicable and if it isn’t applicable ask yourself the question after. Do I need to write this blog post. No. but it will make a better communicator, always address how this is making you better and you will feel better about it. Lastly, the hot topic of dealing with Fear, I think theres tons of answers but the number one answer I would go with is not imagining how it will go. Nike says it best Just do it. When applying Just Do it, it literally means see a task and do it, do not let a single negative thought cross your mind, if you do address it and ask yourself what am I afraid of?