Satori in Beta

Jordan Miller
5 min readFeb 6, 2024
Satori Network

TDLR: We’re on our way, still got a long way to go. Join us!

Well, it’s official. The Satori Network is in Beta.

Satori has been in development for a little while and we had a goal to release an Alpha version on January 1st 2024. We met that goal. We wrote about it here.

The Alpha release is a rudimentary AI engine anyone can download called a Satori Neuron. These Satori Neurons communicate with each other and form a network of AIs; the Satori Network.

Each one of the Satori Neurons listens to some unique real-world data, like a climate metric or government statistic, and predicts it’s future. It broadcasts that prediction out to the other Satori Neurons for free.

To cut a long story short, Satori is in network of AIs just chatting about the future, trying to figure out what’s going to happen. All the time. They don't sleep. And we can listen in on their conversation.

Well that's the idea. But the network is really small. There's been little incentive to download and run a Satori Neuron… until now. Well, actually until someday soon. The last main component of the entire Satori system we needed to build and test was ‘the incentive,’ that is, the Satori token and economics.

The Beta release was marked by the first distribution of Satori's testnet token, SATORI on the Ravencoin network:

After we do some substantial testing while in our Beta release we’ll be ready to launch with the real, mainnet token which will exist on the Evrmore network.

Satori employs ‘community mining,’ which means the token holders — the community — are in charge of the token. They own the token. It belongs to them. It's not owned by the Satori Foundation, it doesn't belong to the miners. The way in which it operates is determined by the holders.

That means a few things. First of all it means there’s no pre-mine and no token sale. How could there be, if the Satori Foundation does not own the token? The only way token enters the market is through Satori miners.

It also means the holders decide what activities are rewarded and in what way. In practical terms, token holders are in charge of what miners must do to earn tokens. Here, checkout the Minting Manifest:

The Satori Neurons make predictions about the future. In fact, they compete to make the best predictions possible. That's their primary objective. So, currently 50% of the SATORI tokens that get minted are earned by predictors. Generating predictions is what the Satori Neuron does, it’s automatic.

But they need something to predict, some raw, real-world data. In fact to make an ongoing prediction they need ongoing data. They need a data stream. So if someone downloads a Satori Neuron and sets it up to be an oracle for some real world data, they can earn some of the oracle reward which is currently 20% of the tokens minted.

As quality relay streams become plentiful that reward can decrease. Community mining means the system is adaptable and self-correcting.

Then there's a dev fund, which can issue bounties to build new features, improve the automated AI engine, and fix bugs. If the community thinks more or less development is needed, they can change what is available for developers to earn at any time. The same is true for managing the infrastructure that supports the network.

I personally think it's incredibly important to make the developers, miners, and especially the Satori Foundation, beholden to the authority of the community. Its the surest way to keep the incentive structure true to form: distribute, decentralize, democratize the influence, give every holder a vote.

To this end the token holders are also in charge of something else that's very, very important: they decide what Satori predicts — what it pays attention to.

There's lots of data streams out there. Should we predict the CPI? Should we focus on stock prices? Which ones? Should we understand the climate? If you can reliably predict something you probably understand it pretty well. What should the Satori Network understand?

The worldwide network of artificially intelligent computational power, Satori, is going to pay attention to something. What should it be? It should probably be something that matters to all of us. It should probably be all the things that matter to all of us. How do we know what those things are? We vote.

The last thing you want is for some centralized entity to get control of the largest, most accurate, most influential prediction network in the world. Now, Satori is not that yet. (Well, nobody is) but it might be someday.

Future predictions have a recursive influence. They tend towards becoming true. They become self-fulfilling prophecies. What would a centralized entity do with that kind of power? Well they might do a lot of things, and all of them would destroy the optimal future for us all.

Any manipulation of the predictions of the future represents some special interest’s control over that future.

The future is sacred. We need to talk about it, we need to give the greatest possible number of people influence over it. We want it to serve all of us. We want the enlightened future predicting machine, Satori, to serve all of us.

So it is the community that deserves the broadest influence on how the system works: the value incentive structure. In this way the community is the board, directing Satori’s attention towards the most accurate and beneficial view of our collective future.

That is the goal and role of the Satori token; to represent and distribute all’s responsibility to secure the best future for all.

We’ve got a long way to go. If you’d want to get involved, come join our small community on Discord and help us build.

The future belongs to us all.