Well thank you for the answer.
Khoa Bui

Hey Khoa Bui,

Another great question. Traditionally, we think of biotechnology in rather defined and constrained fields like medical devices and biopharma (red biotechnology) or agriculture (green biotechnology). I think the most exciting areas for biotechnology today are interdisciplinary combinations of fields that offer rapid acceleration. We can categorize them as follows:

  • Applications of bioengineering techniques for nontraditional purposes — for example, using DNA as a means of data storage (see Catalog)
  • Applications of other engineering fields to accelerate traditional biotechnology sectors — for example, using phones, wearables, and the Internet of Things as a means of monitoring everyday health and wellbeing

You’ll note that I refrain from using the term “biomedical engineering” here, since some of these applications are non-medical.

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