For some of us, our worlds have been turned upside-down this past month. We can’t go out, #Isolation is trending, work and education have shifted online where possible, and a lot of people have found themselves without work, and, consequently, an abundance of time.

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I’ve personally lost two jobs, shaved ten hours of commuting to and from University a week, and began starring down the barrel of existential dread.

Some online studies and commitments keep me sane, to an extent. …

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With Christmas just 20 days away, you’ve undoubtedly got an overwhelming list of people to buy for. I know from experience that the festive season can be costly.

Australians spent an average of $573 on gifts for Christmas, collectively spending a whopping $10.7 billion in 2018. 15% of millennials even spent over $1000 — ouch!

Spending way too much on gifts can be easy when there’s sales galore, Afterpay in every second shop window, and enough Michael Bublé to send anyone mad.

But with $400 million spent on rejected presents last year — most of which end up in landfill…

Superannuation or ‘super’ is money put aside during employment to fund retirement.

This money is put into your nominated Super Fund and invested on your behalf with the aim of growing your nest egg.

If you are over the age of 18 and earn more than $450 weekly, your employer typically must contribute 9.5% of your wage into your chosen super fund. This is known as the Super Guarantee.

You may also choose to top up your super with your own money by making voluntary contributions. These contributions can be salary sacrificed (made before tax), or post-tax.

“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”
— David Tyson

There have been many days where we have sat there, silently. A comfortable silence, both preoccupied with whatever it is that we were emptying out minds with at the time.

There have been many days where we walked home from school in the rain, talking endlessly about the universe and all its quirks. Carefree.

In winter, we’d hide from the dreary weather and seek mercy from the cold by confiding in the school’s ancient heater, baking excessively sugary cupcakes and pies and caramel slices.

We’d talk…

There’s no doubting that social media is bad for you.

It makes you insecure, constantly compare yourself and your belongings to others, isolates you more from people, and can even lead to anxiety and depression.

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Of course. We’re constantly plugged in, refreshing our Instagram feeds to see how perfect everyone else's lives are. At night, we slide into bed and check Facebook only to scroll deeper and deeper into the void for hours. We wake up in the morning, heavy-eyed and tired, only to Snapchat our breakfast.

Perhaps our brains weren't made for this much information. …

It was my last year of high school, and the merciless March sun shone at an impossibly hot temperature. My English teacher’s ramblings were near impossible to hear over the humming and grunting of the tiny, ancient air conditioner that didn’t do its job well.

Source: Own.

It’s after lunch and we walked to the nearby bakery to indulge in cold rolls and coffee, just like we would on so many other occasions that year. We’re restless and emotionally exhausted but still listen.

I lay there flat on the desk, tuned in to my English teacher’s story about a book that once…

My sister is across the world, in Ottawa — a world distant to me that makes me worry. For my recent birthday, she sent me a life changing journal from Knock Knock:

This journal has changed the way I think.

It’s Gonna Be Okay: A Journal to Reassure Myself When I’m Overwhelmed by the Creeping sense of impending disaster and the all-encompassing fears both specified and vague that colonise my mind, body and soul…

And that’s only half the title. But bear with me here, the premise of the journal is simple. …

One morning, I did something out of my typical nature. I arose early (no, that’s not it) and watched Television. That morning was May 23rd, the day of the Manchester Attacks.

A sick, vile creature detonated an improvised explosive device at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester.

Twenty-two people — including children — had their lives torn away from them in an instant. Another 56 were hospitalised, and many more were emotionally scared.

That morning, I watched in shock as bodies were slowly identified by torn apart families. That morning, I heard of fifteen year-old Olivia Campbell, who never made it…

Ministers have resigned. Shots have been fired across the house. Senators have flared up. Over the past seventy-two hours, Australia has watched a confused Liberal party struggle to find its own leader and political identity.

What happened, anyway?

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull opened the Liberal Party room with a spill on Tuesday Morning. After spending the previous week denying the possibility of a leadership challenge, Minister for Home Affairs, Immigration and Border protection challenges Turnbull.

The party votes anonymously 48–35, favouring Turnbull as Liberal leader and PM. Although Turnbull offers for Dutton to keep his portfolio, he resigns as a…

Jordan White

Nineteen year old Journalism Student @ University of South Australia. Aspiring writer.

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