How Do I Pay My Filipino Virtual Assistants?

The basic purpose of a virtual assistant is to provide guidance and assistance to clients when it comes to making administrative, creative and sometimes even technical decisions. Virtual assistants are commonly self-employed with independent clients. Virtual assistants normally function while sitting at home.There are various kinds of services a virtual assistant provides such as:

  1. If you are overworked and have too much on your plate a virtual assistant ensures you do not get overwhelmed.
  2. A virtual assistant will ensure that emails are sent on time, appointments are scheduled and met, your itinerary is prepared, and your flights are booked.

Therefore, considering the above it is important to ensure that you are paying your Filipino virtual assistants well. If you are wondering how much you should pay them you can consider a monthly or even an hourly rate. It is important that whatever payment method you choose, it should suit you and your assistant. You have to decide beforehand how and when you plan on paying your assistant. If feasible you can even consider bonuses and decide that beforehand too.

You also have to consider the kind of work you are demanding of your VA. If the task being delegated to them is management-related, then they might be required to work for you twenty four hours at least five days a week. Unless you break down their managerial tasks you will be required to pay them based on either of the two:

  1. The number of hours they are investing on a daily basis providing the service, or
  2. The immensity of the work they are handling single handedly.

Once you have discussed and decided the method of payment, you have to then see how the payment will be transferred. With this day and age it is very easy to transfer money via banks. However, you have to see what is also convenient for your VA. If he is offshore, then money transfer through online banking might be the most feasible options. However, onshore VA’s might prefer either getting cheques or cash payment at the end of each month.

If your VA is often required to work on weekends, you will have to either add a bonus to his monthly pay or agree beforehand how much the pay will be increased each time he invests his time on the weekend. With all of the above decided beforehand, you can allow the functionality of your business smoothly.This way your life will also be simplified.

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