Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

I’m reading your post in a moment of steaming rage, having wasted few more hours in “setting up/hammering the ecosystem” rather than “working on the project”.

I share your thoughts/experience 100%.

I’ve been using Angular 1.x for a long time and I was overall very satisfied. Now I decided to jump on the Angular 2 train thanks to NativeScript, willing to try to write native apps in Angular 2: I thought that this was a good opportunity to learn Angular 2… yeah, great idea

Ok, perhaps I was a bit too ambitious. I had to build experience at the same time on:

  • Angular 2
  • SystemJS
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • NativeScript

But that was the bearable part.

What I could not bear was:

  • Irresponsible changes on the whole framework performed between one Release Candidate and the other. How could it be a good idea to change entirely how you structure the apps between RC4 and RC5???? Yeah NgModules, I’m looking at you…
  • Why is the documentation so watered down and using a layout that requires 200 scrolls to read 10 lines?!? Instead of presenting the topics in an ordered manner they chose the “everything is a tutorial” approach. Why? It is so time consuming to collect the information! We need some manuals, not just novels!
  • Yeah, last i read is that they’re changing SystemJS with Webpack. Some more entropy, why not.

They can call it “stable” but the only stable thing there is the code, clearly they empower top-class developers, kudos on that. However the framework itself is *far* from being stable. I’ll come back, maybe, in few months, hoping that they make up their mind in the meantime.

Time to give React a try.

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