Be wise, let this torch be your companion in the darkness of tonight,

The waters of time will remain still without a paddle to sway.

Crawl on your knees if the passage reeks with stagnation and fright,

The night arrives hastily and promises a world that is grey.

There is unforeseen darkness that absorbs our sight,

It feeds on our fear and leaves a hideous crease.

Darkness has smitten his enemies with the assistance of daylight,

He rules over the deceased and spreads a threatening disease.

Hope is a particle of light in the wreckage of uncertainty,

An optimistic dance…

In the past, building a regular bot would require large blocks of code and careful structuring of the logic that would drive the entire process. Today, developing simple and fairly complex bots can be achieved pretty easily, even without writing a single line of code; thanks to the technology that is available to us.

By the end of this article, we would have built a smart Facebook Messanger bot that is able to process messages sent to a Facebook page and respond appropriately in real time. …


This article teaches how to build a scientific calculator using VueJS.

Here’s a visual display of end result:

The source code for this article is available here on Github

Let’s get started.

Setup VueJS

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using the Vue CLI for installation and setup, an alternative would be to reference Vue from a CDN

We can install the Vue CLI with this command:

$ npm install --global vue-cli

Next, let’s create a new project:

$ vue init webpack-simple vueCalulator

After responding to a few terminal prompts, we would have set everything up.

Let’s navigate…

The Importance of Breadcrumbs

In the past, web developers were more concerned with the functions (back-end) and information web applications could deliver and didn’t pay as much attention to the visual appearance (front-end) of web pages. This wasn’t entirely their fault, there weren’t fitting technology to develop complex web page designs at that time. The few ones that could do a bit of magic were a hassle to use.

Today, it’s a whole different story; the UI/UX design stage in web development is just as important as the pre-planning of the backend logic that keeps everything running. …

If children were asked to invent money for themselves, how would they do it?

Imagine that you’re back in kindergarten and this is the situation; each child may own one or more crayons, or own none at all. The kids with crayons can give them out in exchange for other items of equivalent value.

In the playground, some kids exchange their crayon for a pen, others do for a ruler or an eraser. More often, kids exchange crayons for money. It really depends on what is agreed upon at the time of the transaction. …

A few weeks ago, I decided to put together a list of cool projects to do in Vue.js and for this reason, I started digging around the internet in search of valuable resources. At the end of the day, I had gathered significant chunks of knowledge on some useful APIs. Among the others, I found the Yandex Translate API really fascinating; it’s able to take almost any text and return its equivalent in over 90 languages.

After playing around with the API ( using Postman ) for a bit, I decided to take my Vue.js knowledge and wrap it within…

I started writing computer programs solely for pleasure.

Initially, I wanted to play little tricks on my friends and do other pranks, it occurred to me a little late that i was going to take computer programming seriously in the immediate future.

Sometime this year, someone offered me a one time job, my first web development job actually — — he asked me to build a basic website and I thought it would be a great time to put everything I had learnt to exercise.

It took me roughly two weeks to complete the project. In the end, I had…


Fmr backend engineer @flydotafrica && @hotelsng, currently software engineer && technical writer at @creativityKills

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