“Medical Marijuana Saved My Life”

When everything seems to go up in smoke, one must look through the haze and reinvent.

Eva Grossman has dedicated her life to weed but she isn’t in it for the high. Earlier in life Eva spent her time soaking up the sun in her home state of Florida and cycling by the beach. At this time she suffered with a list of ailments including overuse injuries, degenerative discs, Scoliosis, and a seizure disorder. Her toughness and love for life distracted her from her unfortunate situation. However, her body gave her one more challenge that nearly took her life.

After an MRI Eva’s doctors discovered a large tumor pressing on her spinal cord. The tumor was benign but her doctors insisted that a hysterectomy was needed in order to remove the foreign mass from beneath her skin. In surgery, the unthinkable happened. Eva regained consciousness on the operating table. The accident resulted in severe injuries that left her bed ridden. She was forced to give up her beloved bicycle for a wheelchair. Life as she knew it seemed to be over.

Being stuck in bed and in agonizing pain Eva was forced to give up her business that she had spent her life starting. Her life consisted of hours of physical therapy and pain relievers. Her quality of life was taken away from her. Eventually she became fed up with the hazy feelings of narcotic pain relief. She went a year without medications and describes it as “the worst year of my life.” She got turned onto medical marijuana as a last resort treatment and it worked. Soon she was able to be productive and go back to work.

She and her husband then made the decision to move out west in search of legal medical marijuana. Then the opportunity of a life time presented itself. They were blessed with the opportunity to run a dispensary in Reno, Nevada. Eva’s passion for the benefits of medical cannabis made her a perfect candidate to run the day to day operations of the Sierra Wellness Connections dispensary. Team Grossman run the growing and distribution facilities and assure quality product to a community in need.

Eva reflected on the weeks leading up to the grand opening of their facility. A reviewer posted to weedmaps.com “I have degenerative disc disease, and that particular strain has eased my pain while still leaving me enough energy to tidy up my house and take my dogs for a walk.” The overwhelmingly positive response from the community reassured her of her importance. Every day Eva gets to work closely with people benefiting from what she would call “her baby.” In the short time since the opening of Sierra Wellness Connection, Eva has seen an improvement in the people she helps. She has given them the gift of a new found quality of life and as they continue to grow the business their community outreach grows. She plans to spend the rest of her life healing people with the magical plant that saved her own life.