Why you should draw creative inspiriation from a lot of sources

In the last five days, I’ve been inspired by music, a live theatrical performance, a book, graphic design, a film and a few television shows.

Creating authentic art requires wide-ranging inspiration from the artist. Narrow-minded inspiration breathes narrow-minded art. Stories are often complex and layered. When an artist can draw from multiple places, the layers easily fill and the creation comes to life.

I want to distinguish a point here: being inspired creatively is not the same thing as being influenced creatively. The former is hugely important and beneficial; the latter often hugely detrimental. It’s vital that an artist and storyteller have depths from which to draw ideas, however, an artist should never let another form of art or story dictate how they create.

I always find it a bit misleading when musicians specially are asked, “Who are your musical influences?” That’s not a harmful question, though it is a leading one. I would argue most interviewers mean to ask whom an artist is inspired by.

We need stories. It’s important to tell your story.

Watch, listen and view great art.

Then go better the world.