The University of Florida is a place where dreams are made …and put to rest. As kids we look up to Albert, Alberta, and the great Tim Tebow as symbols of success and joy when we look toward the University of Florida. Once we get there, it doesn’t take any more than a month to realize that we its seems much better on the outside than it is from the inside. This infographic is the ultimate survival guide to surving the halls, streets, and UF alerts of the prestigious U of F.

The tips on this infographic range from sleeping recommendations to staying healthy. This isn’t the tips that a mom would provide as you go make your first true independent step into the real world, these are tips that give you insight into the life of current college student at the University of Florida. I created this infographic to show incoming students that the movies aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be. Stay true to your self, be smart about it, and go through the motions with your head held high. This is your guide to being the greatest Gator you can be!

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