Just Call.
John Battelle

As someone who works the front desk for an entertainment company, I get flooded by unwanted phone calls. Once I learned how to handle the various types of calls, whether legitimate or not, talking over the phone became second-hand to me. I find it a much more direct and effective way of communicating to, as you so eloquently put it, Get Shit Done.

Journeying beyond the confines of reception, it’s clear when I pass by the assistants and executives that they are calling other companies, producers, directors, etc. just by picking up the phone and getting in touch with them. However, many of these calls are indeed scheduled.

I like to imagine a President or GM for one of our networks may simply pick up the phone and dial the direct line for a colleague on the east coast, or someone he knows well at a studio or production company, but most of the time the communication is still set up between the assistants of the involved parties.

Good article, though. I do think the delay in communication over the phone does hinder business operations many times. Instant messaging is not always instant, and e-mails are too easy for people to ignore.

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