I think we are 1–2 years away from being a serious contender. Have plenty of cap space to sign a max player to be a legit wing player
Embiid is not 3–5 years from being a superstar.
Jeff O'Reilly

1–2 years? are you serious? you think Philly will be a title contender NEXT season? that’s insane. next season the roster will be built around Embiid (second year), Simmons (first *full* year — essentially a rookie), whoever they draft (rookies), Saric (second year), RoCo, Okafor, and maaaaaybe Noel (seriously, that dude desperately wants out of philly, and who can blame him?). if you think that team — based primarily around rookies and second year players — is contending for a title, then you have a delusional level of optimism. it takes time. even OKC, who had the fastest rise of any bottom team in recent memory, took 5 seasons to emerge as legitimate contenders and make the Finals — durant was drafted in 07, made the Finals in 2012 — and they drafted 3 eventual top 5(ish) players in KD, Russ and Harden, along with a DPOY candidate in Ibaka.

please name the max player that Philly has a chance of signing. the FA pool isn’t that deep, especially not for stars, and especially not with the new CBA. who is the max level FA (actual max player, not an overpaid good player who isn’t a star) that is coming to Philly this offseason?

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