Agreed. I hate how that kind of behaviour gets glamourized.
Jacqueline Jahn

absolutely. Artest or Jackson weren’t attacked — a fan threw some beer on Artest. should that fan have done that? absolutely not. but does that justify the fact that multiple giant men, who are supposed to be professional athletes, then ran into the stands and attacked fans (the wrong fans at that, as we found out later)? fuck no. that’s not self defense, that’s assault.

at the time it was rightfully condemned and they were disgraced for it, but it seems as the years have gone by, public perception has lightened on it and people act like its funny. it wasnt funny (and still isn’t) to me — i’ve been a Pacers fan my entire life, and basketball and the NBA is by far my favorite sport. i was disgusted by the Malice and the Palace and had to stop supporting my favorite (and local) team until they got rid of those jackasses. aside from even the Malice thing, they were getting into shootouts in Indianapolis strip clubs and shit, Jackson and Artest (and Tinsley, who got in a fight at a club that resulted in a Pacers equipment manager being shot, since Tinsley bailed out of the car and left the guy locked in the backseat, unable to get out as the car was getting shot up by an assault rifle) were a shameful representation of the Pacers.

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