I am a simple brainless peasant in the shadow of your brilliant, benevolent chivalry. Sir Jordan, I am secure in knowing that if any maiden on the internet requires your rescue, you will not hesitate to take up sword and shield to defend her!
jordan/nojordan If you can point to any quotes of mine where I defended Rose, by all means, feel…
Mercer Atreides

ah, nothing better than a guy on the Internet resorting to accusing others of moral superiority (when my initial post was not aggressive, insulting, or irrational), all because I suggested that some people react differently to opinons on sports when they come from a woman… because we’ve never seen proof of that, right? no one freaked out about a woman calling a MLB game, right? I must’ve fabricated that entirely. (sarcasm, but don’t get upset, I can use it cuz I’m a man. it’s not like Claire is being sarcastic again, and deserving of whatever she gets 😉) oh, it’s a result of the site’s casual nature? that must be why people respond to other writers with “DANNY doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” with regularity.

“it sounds good to say that women are treated unfairly in the workplace or that minorities are oppressed by a racial hierarchy. when looking at facts and the numbers, however, you find discrepancies and alternate reasons for disparities in society. whenever these are brought up, however, one is (I am) immediately labeled a sexist or a racist” — Sir Michael Gavin

oh, you don’t believe that inequality based on race or sex exist. gasp! a white male doesn’t believe that inequality is real! a white male who knows more about what women and minorities should do than they do! that’s surprising and refreshing, you never see one if those guys on the internet!

you’re one of those “but what about black on black crime?!” guys, who seeks to use a real and serious issue (which black on black crime absolutely is) to negate or excuse other real and serious issues (like police violence and the subsequent lack of accountability). you think minorities are allowing themselves to be victims, and instead of equality, want to be treated as a “special class of people”. you think: “American women are as unhappy they’ve ever been, and I can’t help but think it is the constant griping of feminism that makes them feel bad about their situations.” (Michael Gavin, MRA, and expert on women) yeah, its your fault, Women! You spout platitudes like “offense is taken, not given” — to prove to those dumb minorities they shouldn’t be offended by snapchat filters that turn hilarious white people into Asian caricatures. you apparently just took PoliSci 101, because your favorite word is “Marx”. but no, I’m being morally superior.

as far as the Rose situation, you can claim that you didn’t defend him, but when you defend, condone, and mock victim-blaming (which you clearly do in the previously posted quote) you defend those who engage in it — which has been Rose and his legal team’s number one strategy, even the classic “she dresses slutty, so she must have wanted it” accusation. have you read evidence available to the public: the text exchanges and courtroom transcripts? if so, I really don’t see how you could think he was anything but guilty. of course, we were not present in the woman’s apartment on the night in question so we can’t “know 100%” — but from what we do know, he looks like a rapist. but he may very well get off scot-free, since rich and famous people tend to win these kind of cases over anonymous nobodies, but I don’t see how anyone could look at the facts presented and think that he didn’t do it. but no, your defense of victim blaming is very noble, that’s what’s more important in this case.

Sir Michael, I am secure in knowing that if any victim on the Internet requires blaming, you will not hesitate to take up your MRA flag and blame them. I will browse the interwebs with no fear, knowing that you are promoting the noble ideas that inequality is a myth, and that women and minorities are making themselves victims. Thank you for your wisdom. You must be so proud. Good day Sir, enjoy your knowledge of what other races and sexes experience better than they do.

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