Harden is a more recognizable face than Wall, you’re right.
Joba Aladeselu

an accolade is defined as “a mark of acknowledgment” so MVP runner-up is absolutely an accolade. and harden has 3 all NBA selections (including two first teams) and a 6MOTY. he’s got more commercials and such, and is a more recognizable public figure (due to gimmicky stuff like his beard, and dating a kardashian). I don’t personally care about or appreciate that kind of stuff, but kids who buy sneakers do. and harden’s deal has nothing to do with Wall, like how Beal getting paid has nothing to do with wall either. wall’s contract is set, since he chose to sign a long term deal. as much as the media likes to blow stuff up, i highly doubt someone is just making up things about wall and his being “rankled” or whatever, particularly since he’s shown that side in the past with the Reggie Jackson thing.

and how can your star player coming out and saying he “dislikes” your secondary star be construed as a good thing, in any way, shape or form?? public chemistry spats have never gone well for the teams or players involved, and should be handled internally. wall saying those things internally to the wiz staff is one thing, handling it publicly in the media is completely different. you want maturity from your team leader, not stuff like this.

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