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as a society, do we actually have a collective capacity to think for ourselves? I’m not so sure. how many people buy into the fear mongering doled out by certain media outlets? how often do you see/hear nonsense regurgitated by people because they heard it on tv or read it online? how often do obvious lies or fake stories go viral because someone saw something in their facebook feed or twitter and reposted, ad infinitum?

‘Waldo’ is my least favorite Black Mirror episode (still better than most other shows), but it is eerily accurate of what is happening currently in American politics: a sad, awful man hiding behind a cartoon character persona has inconceivably gained a disturbing amount of support through insults and rants that appeal to emotion — and the scenario that originally seemed like a joke is now very, very real.

‘Waldo’ may not be as good of a television episode for entertainment as ‘The Entire History Of You’, ‘White Bear’, or ‘White Christmas’, but it’s still incredibly poignant and relevant.

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