We are sick unto death of being told our anger is irrational, and that we are nothing but sexist, homophobic, cisnormative, politically incorrect raaaaaacists!!!
So long as you blame ”irrational while guy anger” for it, you will never have a rational…
Jay Maynard

believing in conversion therapy for homosexuality (essentially “pray away the gay”) and a desire for discriminatory laws against the LBGT community is irrational — yet Mike Pence candidate has endorsed such ridiculousness.

anger over marginalized groups (like african americans or the LBGT community) demanding equality (and accusing them of wanting “special treatment” or “pushing their agenda”) is irrational — yet it is the stance that Trump and Co. have taken on such topics.

banning immigrants based on religion is irrational (not to mention distinctly un-American, since our nation was initially founded as a refuge from religious persecution, among other things) — yet is one of Trump’s goals.

if you’re sick of being told your anger and ideas are irrational, maybe you should find some more rational viewpoints.

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