Cal plays to the strengths of his best players and lets them showcase their strengths. Do some of them develop different aspect of their game after they leave Kentucky?
You can’t really do better than all american in college.

but does he? Anthony Davis and KAT didn’t suddenly develop a face up game and perimeter shot after they got to the League, they had that in HS (KAT averaged 2 made threes a game in HS). Cousins developed his game a lot in his early NBA years, but KAT and Brow both stepped into Day 1 of the NBA showing skills they weren’t able to show at UK. Skal was a perimeter/shooting oriented big coming to UK, but got stuck on the block, where he really struggled. it seems like Cal has one concept of what a big man should be: a low post, back to the basket player — and insists that his bigs be that, and only that. that’s what i mean by “putting them in a box”.

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