Joel Embiid is Definitely Your NBA Rookie of the Year
Brandon Anderson

but he didn’t play half a season. he played half of a half of season, because he was on a minutes restriction in the 30 (not half of 82) games in which he played. really, he played about 15 games, since he played half of 30 games. for comparison, at the all star break (roughly midseason) when embiid was more or less done for the year, he had played less than half the minutes paul millsap had at that point. a very important part of being an nba player is playing in nba games. embiid is awesome, but there’s no way 700 minutes wins you ROY.

as far as the “trash heap” of the rest of the class — which player would help a team more in 2016–17: 30 games of 22 minutes each joel embiid or 80 games of brogdon?

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